Does CBD Help With Inflammation?

Reducing inflammation throughout the body can help you maintain your health, and prevent life-threatening diseases. Arthritis, high blood pressure, increased risk of cancer, and other serious health conditions are all linked to chronic inflammation. That’s why any quest for good health should include strategies to fight inflammation. Diet and exercise are just the beginning. Researchers have found that CBD may play a role in helping reduce inflammation, which can mitigate these devastating effects and keep your body in balance. 

Inflammation is a natural process in your body.


Inflammation is a natural process in your body.

When your immune system detects a threat, like bacteria, a wound, or even a splinter, it sends blood to the threatened area. This blood is full of hormones and other substances designed to heal. In these cases, inflammation is actually a good thing.


But, like most processes in the body, inflammation can run amuck. Because inflammation is basically your immune system working double shifts, it can wear you out. When you’re dealing with an autoimmune disorder, too many toxins in the body, or other ongoing threats, inflammation can flip into overdrive. It can cause pain, swelling, and long-term damage to tissues.


Left unchecked, overzealous inflammation can lead to cancer, high blood pressure, heart disease, arthritis, and other conditions. At the same time, an overstressed immune system is more at risk. Bacterial and viral infections can sneak in while your immune system is distracted.


If you’re prone to muscle and joint pain, if you notice you’re chronically tired, or if you’ve been diagnosed with an inflammation-related disease, you may have chronic inflammation. Fortunately, there are some natural strategies to fight inflammation and reclaim your health.


Remember that inflammation is a normal part of the healing process if you have a recent injury or wound.

Follow your doctor’s directions on how to minimize discomfort while helping your body heal. For chronic inflammation, you might consider these strategies to fight inflammation:

Adjust your diet

Red meat, trans-fats, and highly processed foods are known to contribute to bodily inflammation. Ditto for added sugar and refined food products such as white bread, pasta, and snack foods. Try to limit these foods in your diet. Replace them with sources of omega-3 fatty acids like tuna, tofu, and walnuts. Add fruits and vegetables, like grapes, blueberries, spinach and celery which are known to help fight inflammation. Tea, both green and black, also includes powerful anti-inflammatories.

Schedule a sweat session

Light to medium exercise can help fight chronic inflammation by triggering your cells to release essential proteins. It is possible to overdo it though. Strenuous exercise can cause increased inflammation if you’re overworking muscles and joints. Whether you jog, take a yoga class, or weight lift, exercise should be one of your go-to strategies to fight inflammation.

Manage your stress

Stress isn’t all in your head. It affects your body too. Chronic stress can disrupt your immune system and increase inflammation. Create a stress management plan to reduce tension and keep your immune system in balance.

Try adding CBD to your routine

CBD has anti-inflammatory properties. Researchers have found evidence for its effectiveness in fighting inflammatory-related disorders from Rheumatoid arthritis to everyday aches and pains. While CBD’s anti-inflammatory benefits can be enjoyed by everyone, researchers have specifically studied the therapeutic effects of CBD in patients with cardiovascular, neurodegenerative, and metabolic diseases as well as diabetes and cancer.


There are many of ways to take CBD, but if you’re looking for consistent health effects, you need reliable dosing and the assurance of product purity and consistency (so make sure your CBD is third-party tested). And if you choose ingestible CBD, make sure you like the way it tastes! It’s hard to stick to a routine if it’s not enjoyable, which is why Zolt mixie sticks are formulated for flavor as well as performance.


Zolt provides the anti-inflammatory power of CBD in a convenient mixie stick. Unlike other forms of CBD, Zolt’s water soluble CBD offers maximal bioavailability, and is up to five times more effective than other ingestible formats. That means your body can absorb more anti-inflammatory goodness with every sip. To really dial-up the anti-inflammatory power, we’ve combined CBD with Green and Black teas in our Zolt Well+ and Peak+ mixies.