wellness is hot right now. and we mean HAWT.

Finally, mental health is now a socially acceptable conversation topic, and buzzily embraced as an integral component of wellness. And about damn time! As humans, we have a flurry of emotions that we grapple with each day, and sharing them is a big step towards understanding and processing them.


We know that anxiety can either lead to inaction or action. The Zolt team lives and breathes the latter, and regularly talks about wellness. Our consensus is that it’s easiest to pick two or three wellness ‘rituals’ that you can incorporate into your daily routine, like drinking Zolt, but also these popular basics: morning meditation, long walks (our founder and CEO’s preferred setting for back-to-back work calls), exercise (dance parties are of equal, if not greater, value as proper workouts), and meaty talks with a friend or therapist.


When considering how to incorporate wellness into your life, it can be overwhelming. Wellness is a huge sphere, only loosely defined, but easily and obviously includes stuff like eating vegetables and whole grains, exercising, and meditating. Then less obvious stuff like having fun with friends, taking a long bath, and journaling. Yeah, even practicing self-care can be fraught with anxiety if approached as a task, rather than a practiced lifestyle pivot.

Here’s our breakdown:


We are big fans of incorporating a 10-minute personal quiet time into your day.

Guided meditations are a great example of intentional quiet time, and there are SO many tips out there around how to turn your practice into a ritual. We find that the morning is the best time to practice, before the other people in your life are clamoring for your time and attention, and before you ever look at your inbox. Well, that’s the ideal anyway. Maybe the afternoon or evening is better for you, and it’s best to defer to your natural rhythms.


Some meditation apps we love: Calm and Headspace. Check them out if you haven’t already. And remember: Not every meditation session is going to be perfect (meditation is tough!), but the act of doing it is the important part.



You have one body.

Treat it well. After grounding yourself with meditation, reaching for Zolt Peak is a great swap-outs for coffee that won’t leave you jittery AND are packed with antioxidants and adaptogens (cellular health, y’all!). And if you’re not ready to ditch coffee, we totally get that…and will gently remind you that Zolt unflavored Even is a great mix-in for your morning joe as well.



Go outside.

Take your shoes off and literally ground yourself in the earth and take some slow, deep breaths. Look up at the sky. Feel the sunshine on your face. Stand quietly and listen.


Or get out there and go for a slow walk. Seriously — a slow pace helps you better observe your surroundings: the dappled light through the leaves of the trees overhead, the tiny lives of the insects in the grass, the gentle breeze moving across your skin.


Taking notice of the little things pulls you out of your own head (deadlines, obligations, to-do lists…there’s a lot in there). Ground yourself in your body and in the moment.


Talking with others is a helpful way to put repetitive, nagging thoughts into perspective, as well as get into a refreshed and reinvigorated headspace.

Many of us are socializing far less these days, and reaching out to others is a great start to reconnecting with yourself. Mental health tip: Call up (yes, CALL) a friend that you haven’t talked to in a while. You’ll come away from the chat feeling reconnected to them as well as yourself, and also with a broader perspective that’ll get you out of your own head.


Of course, these are just a few wellness-focused things that we’ve found helpful for us — only you will know what’s best for your own schedule and health. But wellness in action only happens if 1) you prioritize it, and 2) you make a solid effort to evolve your routines (but also be kind to yourself when it doesn’t come easily).


PS: We find that 1 & 2 both happen more easily when you throw some Zolt into the mix!