How CBD boosts physical performance


DATE: MARCH 13, 2020

athlete preparing for a run by stretching

Over the past four months, our lives have drastically changed, and continue to do so. When reflecting on these changes, one thing sticks out: we have more time for ourselves. Lots of it. The big question is how should we spend it. We’ve all been binge-streaming (Tiger King!), but some of us are better than others at balancing screen-time with serious workout time.

When you’re looking to level up on the fitness front, you’re pushing yourself mentally and physically. And the physical push (if you’re really pushing, that is) leaves you sore. So sore that you need to go easy on your next few workouts. We know — it’s frustrating! (Also: OW, lactic acid.) Whether you’re doing a couch-to-5k or into ultramarathons, tai chi or hardcore bikram yoga, recovery time matters. And that’s where Zolt can really come in handy.

At Zolt, we’re big proponents of whole-self wellness, and building on the basics of eating and sleeping well, hydrating (performance bonus: add water-soluble hemp CBD), and exercising. So upping your wellness game naturally encompasses enhancing physical performance and boosting your recovery time to help you improve your physical performance. Here’s the gist:

  • CBD is known to reduce inflammation. After repeated exercise, you create microtears in your muscles that lead to inflammation. Inflammation is a double-edged sword. It repairs those microtears but can also cause soreness and stiffness. CBD can help reduce inflammation (which causes soreness) so you can recover faster.
  • CBD is known to help relieve pain. When we exercise, we put a lot of strain on our bodies. With this strain, comes pain. CBD is particularly effective for long-term pain management. It isn’t going to “cure” your pain – and you wouldn’t want to either. Pain is your body reminding you to pace yourself. Zolt is a natural low-risk way to recover, as full-spectrum hemp and CBD isolate’s effects are bolstered by added adaptogens, which further their pain-relieving properties.
  • CBD is known to help with stress and anxiety. Stress is a key ingredient to being an athlete. But when it overrides the system, stress can be debilitating. CBD can help you get back to your flow state so you have just the right amount of umph.
  • CBD is a sleep aid. Getting a good night’s sleep is essential to be on your top physical performance. Since CBD helps with stress and muscle relaxation, it comes to no surprise that it will help you get a restful sleep.

Whether you’re a twice-weekly jogger or a diehard powerlifter, Zolt full-spectrum hemp and hemp CBD isolate powdered drink mixes can help you bring your A-game (more like your Z-game, amirite?) every day. Go on. Get after it!