what is vegan collagen made of?

Whether you’re a frequent consumer of supplements, or you’re someone who considers yourself a bit of a health and wellness guru, you’re most likely familiar with collagen, more specifically its benefits and connection to skin health.

In today’s world, collagen is often marketed in the form of powders, drinks, capsules and more, all to promote skin health and physical benefits like supporting your bones, reducing joint pain, and promoting a healthy heart. Unfortunately for some, collagen does have a downside. Collagen is not vegan as it is one of the most abundant proteins found in animals and in the human body.

Now, for those who are vegan, you’re probably wondering, can collagen be vegan or does vegan collagen even exist? Well, there is some good news. Vegan collagen does exist so vegans can reap similar benefits to the real protein.

Today, we’re discussing all things vegan collagen, but before getting into what vegan collagen is, what it’s made of, and how to choose the right one for you, it’s important to understand how regular collagen works and what it does for the body.

As mentioned earlier, collagen is a protein that is most abundant in animals and the human body. Collagen is made up of amino acids and provides extracellular support to connective tissues making it a great foundation to support the skin, tendons, bones, and ligaments.

If you’re mostly familiar with collagen and its prevalence in the cosmetic industry, this is largely due to the fact that collagen represents 30% of the body’s protein mass and is found in large amounts in the skin. It tends to be used in the industry to treat premature aging.

So, given the information above, there’s no question that collagen is largely derived from animal sources making it non-vegan, but at the same time, it’s hard to deny that the benefits of collagen are truly significant. So for those curious about whether or not collagen powder is vegan or other forms of collagen are, the answer will most likely be no. But, does vegan collagen exist? The answer is yes!

Since collagen isn’t vegan, how should vegans take collagen and where can they find a vegan option that can allow them to reap similar benefits? Let’s look at why it may be important to incorporate vegan or regular collagen in your life.

Something that we’ll all experience is aging which reveals many changes in the way our body and skin functions. With aging comes a decreased formation of collagen, thus increasing our signs of aging, especially in the skin. This is why taking collagen is important for maintaining optimal skin and physical health as we age.

While regular collagen may be out of the question, vegan collagen has been making its appearance in the health and wellness industry, giving those who are vegan an opportunity to reap the benefits of collagen as closely as possible and in a way that best suits their needs.

Because vegan collagen cannot include any animal products, vegan collagen is formulated in other ways, one example being from genetically modified yeast and bacteria. Other formulations may consist of a combination of vegan ingredients that simply aim to support or boost your body’s collagen production.

Let’s use aloe vera as an example, an ingredient you may come across in vegan collagen formulations. Aloe vera is known to significantly decrease the appearance of wrinkles, improve elasticity, and increase collagen production, but here’s the catch, it’s completely vegan. While aloe vera may be plant-based, it has properties that are able to address your body in a way that regular collagen can during the aging process.

While you may not be getting the complete benefits of collagen in vegan formulas, there are vegan ingredients that will work to support and sustain the collagen your body is already producing. All this to say, taking vegan collagen can absolutely be worth it, especially in the long run.

Now that you’re familiar with vegan collagen, how it compares to regular collagen and have knowledge about its availability in the health & wellness industry, you’re probably curious as to how you should best go about choosing the right vegan collagen products for you.

When choosing vegan collagen products, it’s best to pay special attention to how their vegan collagen is formulated. It never hurts to ensure that the formula consists solely of plant-based ingredients, and it may be useful to gauge how the formula works to support your skin health and physical health. Try to aim for formulas that promote skin elasticity and hydration as this is something that can diminish as you age and as your natural collagen production decreases.

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Hyaluronic acid is considered a key molecule involved in skin moisture and aging due to its unique ability to retain water, something the skin tends to lose as we age. Tremella mushroom is known to have several beneficial properties for physical and skin health, most notably its anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties. Together, both ingredients work to support skin hydration and hair and nail health so that you can look and feel your best.

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