Can You Mix CBD and Caffeine?

Want to simplify your healthy living routine? If you’re a coffee drinker who also takes CBD, you might wonder if you can combine CBD and caffeine to create some sort of morning super drink. Maybe you’ve even tried caffeinated CBD drinks in the past. If so, you might have struggled to find one that actually tastes good. 

The most common source of caffeine, coffee, is bitter, though the flavors of beans and roasts are nuanced, expressing bitterness differently. CBD tincture is also bitter. Mix the two and you get a drink that might help you feel awake and focused. Unfortunately, what you’ll mostly be focused on is how strong the drink tastes when CBD oil and coffee are combined. 

Yet, people have been drinking CBD coffee for years. Clearly, there’s something about the combination that works. At Zolt we’re all about taking something good and making it even better. Here’s what we know about mixing CBD and caffeine. 

Stacking or combining nootropics can enhance the effects. That’s why CBD and caffeine can be a positive and powerful combination.


Caffeine is a nootropic, which is another way of saying it affects your mental performance.

You might order a fancy coffee drink because you like the taste, but for most of us that first coffee of the day is all about the nootropic effects of caffeine. We want to boost our energy and sharpen our focus before we face the day.

CBD is also a nootropic. It can improve concentration and enhance mental clarity. Stacking or combining nootropics can enhance the effects. That’s why CBD and caffeine can be a positive and powerful combination.

But is CBD coffee really the best way to make the most of this nootropic combo? Maybe, maybe not. Coffee can have undesirable side effects. It contains a high dose of caffeine—96 mg in a brewed 8 oz cup versus 47 mg in an 8 oz cup of brewed black tea—so it’s more likely to make you jittery; however, CBD’s adaptogenic effects can help offset this.


If you’re a big fan of bitter and earthy flavors, you might enjoy a CBD latte — especially if the CBD oil is swapped for Zolt Even, a water-soluble CBD isolate powder. And if you’re wary of bitter flavors altogether, Zolt full-spectrum hemp and hemp CBD isolate drink mixes are a great way to go — you can drink in the benefits of hemp and caffeine without their earthy flavors.

Zolt mixie sticks deliver all the nootropic effects of CBD without the bitterness. Third-party testing ensures the purity and quality of every mixie stick. So you can take your CBD and while actually enjoying that pumpkin spice latte. As if a delicious drink wasn’t enough, Zolt also offers an extra boost. Unlike concentrates that offer only 6-20% bioavailability, your body gets up to 5x greater bioavailability with the biomolecules in Zolt.

That’s a great thing because there are some additional power ingredients hiding in that unassuming mixie, depending on the product variety. You’ll get antioxidants like organic stevia and green tea to keep your cells in the best possible shape. Plus adaptogens like organic amla fruit, astragalus, guarana, and reishi. What is an adaptogen? Oh nothing too exciting, just a super-herb that helps keeps your immune and adrenal systems in balance. Okay, maybe that is kind of exciting.


If you find that coffee is making you anxious or jittery, you can skip the CBD latte altogether and reach for a drink that keeps you sharp, focused, and jitter-free.

With delicate, refreshing flavors Zolt Well+ and Peak mixie sticks get their caffeine from green and black teas and organic guarana. In case you haven’t heard, guarana is what coffee wishes it could be when it grows up. It’s a natural source of caffeine that boosts metabolism, energy, and focus. It’s also an antioxidant that helps improve vascular functions and reduces anxiety.

Just heat up some water, pour in a Zolt mixie stick, and stir. You’ll have a soothing coffee-replacement that offers all the good stuff you need to have an amazing day. Try it for yourself.