We Use SCO2 for Higher CBD Bioavailability

We know you know hemp’s good for you, and we know you know plants (so many plants) are crucial to your wellness.


It’s not like you’re about to chow down on a hemp salad, but even if you did manage to choke it down, your body wouldn’t be able to access all of its cannabinoids and other beneficial biomolecules.


Beyond that hearty-yet-useless salad, there are many different ingestible hemp formats — tinctures, gummies, capsules, etc. — but there’s little consistency in terms of how much of the plant’s biomolecules your body is actually getting when you use each of those. Let’s say you ingest 20mg of CBD isolate. How much of that is your body going to use, and how much of it is going to waste?


Frustrated with the low bioavailability of popular hemp and CBD products and struggling with fitting these products into our own routines, we gave up on them and decided to fix the problem ourselves (hence, Zolt).


While we can’t tell you how we make Zolt so effective (Seriously. We can’t — our technology is our secret sauce.), we can talk about one step in our process: supercritical carbon dioxide extraction (SCO2), which is how we get all of the cannabinoids and other biomolecules out of the hemp plant. No hazardous chemicals or solvents are used in SCO2, and our hemp extracts are completely free of impurities.


Although the steps in our process are hush-hush, we can tell you that they involve emulsification and atomization, transforming the hemp biomolecules so that they’re tiny enough to be easily absorbed and metabolized by your body.

Good things do indeed come in (incredibly) small packages.

And that’s why Zolt’s the best. Because it’s *actually* the best.

Speaking of which, you should probably stock up right now while you’re thinking about it anyway.