pro tips for building your hemp regimen


DATE: MARCH 13, 2020

calendar on a wall behind a bed

We’re definitely biased toward Zolt’s hemp drink mix format precisely because 1) it’s super easy to work into your daily routine, and 2) your body quickly and easily puts it to work. If you’re serious about establishing a routine of hemp CBD isolate or full-spectrum hemp, you want to think about how and when you’ll use it during your day.

For starters, think about what you drink and when during the day. Do you start your morning with coffee or tea? A big glass of water? What about during the day at work. Do you reach for coffee to push through the afternoon? Does a cup of tea before bed help you unwind?


Twice a day to jump-start your routine

Identifying at least two occasions within your day is a great start (Side note for the go-big-or-go-home crew: Up to eight is OK). Mixie sticks come in a range of flavors and formulations to use within something you’re already drinking (like water, juice or coffee) and support the energy level appropriate for each time of day (energy-boosting or sleep-supporting, for example. 

To really suss out how it’s working for you, set a target of two servings each day and follow your plan for a week. Its effects are subtle, but pretty clear if you keep tabs on your physical, mental and emotional status week over week.

Over the course of a week, look out for improvements like these:

  1. You’re less grumpy. The little things don’t derail you as much, like getting cut off by an inconsiderate driver, or your neighbor snagging your recycling bin. Maybe you’ll start to find that one coworker just a little less aggravating.
  2. You’re more serene and may have less anxiety overall. The outside world probably isn’t bumming you out as much, you have more patience with yourself and others, and you’re better able to focus on whatever task is at hand.
  3. You feel better in your body. If you’re a gym rat or regularly do intense physical exercise, you might notice that you’re a bit less sore afterwards and you recover more quickly. And if you’re not a jock, you’ll likely just feel more comfortable throughout your body.

Within and beyond the areas of mood, stress, and physical comfort, there are a vast array of potential benefits of incorporating hemp CBD isolate and full-spectrum hemp into your diet. We’ll deep-dive into all of them right here on this blog, so keep coming back for our weekly knowledge-drop.

Reminder: Please consult your physician before using Zolt.