how can I sleep better at night naturally?

Woman drinking CBD water after doing yoga

Nowadays, being able to sleep, and getting quality sleep at night is becoming a much harder thing to do.

Between busy schedules and trying to find the perfect balance between work life, and so much more, many of us end up going to bed inconsistently each day, waking up feeling groggy instead of energized or refreshed.

So, why is it so important that we get better sleep at night? Sleep is the foundation to wellness. When we give our bodies rest, we give our bodies the time it needs to heal, feel much better and allow us to do more.

If you’ve been asking yourself, “How can I sleep better at night naturally?” There are many ways to do this so that you wake up feeling and performing your best. Here are some of our top better sleep tips and practices.

it's important to ensure that your sleep has a routine of its own

An everyday routine is key for good sleep, but it’s important to ensure that your sleep has a routine of its own as well.

The body has an internal clock, otherwise known as circadian rhythm, that controls your body’s sleep and wake cycle. When you go to bed and wake up at inconsistent times, your sleep quality and how long you sleep worsens. You’re also a lot more likely to feel sleepier during the day.

Regulating your sleep timing can be a great way to get your sleep back on track so you can feel better and beat daytime sleepiness.

You may have heard this tip before when it comes to getting better sleep at night naturally, but how does it actually work?

Studies show that staying active or exercising during the day can serve as a healthy, safe, and inexpensive way to improve sleep.

The correlation between sleep and exercises relies heavily on how sleep conserves energy, restores body tissue, and regulates body temperature, therefore exercise, which tires out the body, results in much more effective sleep at night.

If you’ve dealt with stress, you know how difficult it is to get quality sleep. Stress has been shown to make it more difficult to fall asleep and cause an impaired sleep pattern due to factors such as worrying, or in other words, pre-sleep anxiety.

Engage in practices that reduce worry or stress before bedtime like mediation, stretching, yoga, or even making time to do an activity that brings you peace of mind. The more you can rest and relax your mind, the more you can do the same for your body.

If you have a habit of spending time on your phone for a few minutes before bed, or working late nights on the computer, the chances are you aren’t alone. However, these practices can all impact our sleep throughout our body’s circadian rhythm out of loop.

Try turning off all electronics before hitting the bed to reduce the urge to use it minutes before you sleep. If you must use your electronics for any reason at all during the day, investing in blue light glasses is another option.

Why all of the above is much easier said than done, it could be the very thing your body needs to get better sleep every day.

It has become easier than ever to reach for different sleeping pills and treatments to get the sleep that you need, but there are natural solutions that are just as, if not more, effective, safer and healthier for you to use to get the quality sleep you deserve.

Some natural compounds that you can start implementing more of in your evening diet include: ashwagandha, CBD, GABA, and melatonin. They all work with your body’s natural hormones and your needs to promote much better sleep.

Lucky for us, these have become much more easy to incorporate in diets through foods, drinks, and drink mixes. Our Dreamy +CBD Isolate honey citrus tea drink mix is a great option to have before bed to wake up feeling refreshed and restored in the morning. It also features all-natural ingredients like CBD and ashwagandha.

Dreamy +Collagen Boost ginger honey tea is another bedtime drink that helps you fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up feeling rested and ready for the day. Dreamy +Collagen Boost features ashwagandha and melatonin, as well as GABA. As an added bonus, this product contains a plant-based collagenic aid made from astaxanthin (an algae), hyaluronic acid, and tremella mushroom (the beauty mushroom!) that promotes hair, skin, and nail health while you sleep.

Learning how to sleep better after struggling with it for some time is no easy task. Sometimes, all it takes is introducing new practices little by little to get you back to a place where sleep is no longer your last priority or worry.