stress and anxiety SOS: help from hemp.

We often think of stress and anxiety as synonymous — both can make you feel drained, worried, unfocused, and irritable.

Stress is a short-term response to everyday threats, like work deadlines, family drama, and overwhelming to-do lists — you feel overwhelmed and on-edge. Anxiety often feels like stress, but it lingers long after the perceived threat has passed, and is a condition that should be addressed with your physician.


Both often give us a steady, subtle decline in our ability to be present, to live within each moment with serenity. When you find yourself time-traveling — yo-yoing between thinking about moments in the past and anticipating the future — that’s a sure sign you need to take a step back and work to regain emotional balance.


Establishing or maintaining healthy habits around sleep, diet, and exercise, as well as working hemp into your diet, can help you reorient yourself to the present moment and promote feelings of serenity and well-being, as well as improve your overall health.


Hemp’s cannabinoids and other biomolecules — found in different combinations across full-spectrum and CBD isolate products — go to work within your body’s endocannabinoid system.

There, cannabinoids promote homeostasis, which is basically the sweet spot of emotional balance and physiological performance.


Of course, homeostasis is different for everyone, and relative to each person’s inherent physiology. Cannabinoids support homeostasis in balancing mood, improving cognition and focus, alleviating pain and inflammation, and improving energy levels.


Giving yourself what you need — physically and emotionally — is key, and starts with setting aside time and energy to focus on the basics: eating well, exercising, maintaining healthy sleep habits, and spending time with friends (or getting some time to yourself!). Yeah, we know. It’s hard to do this — we all have a million excuses — but feeling better and maintaining healthy habits come more easily if you get a little help from hemp.