technology and mixology: why zolt actually tastes good

We take our bevvies pretty seriously, and we know you do too.

If you’ve ever tried an ingestible hemp product that wasn’t Zolt — like gummies or tinctures, for example — there’s no way you didn’t notice that it probably tasted, uh, earthy.

While we love hemp, we don’t necessarily adore the way it tastes — especially when you consume it as regularly as we do.

A big part of what makes Zolt so unique is its flavor, or lack thereof. If you’ve ever tried unflavored Balance, you know that our CBD isolate’s emulsion is completely flavorless. And this totally flavorless powder is the basis for all of our hemp CBD isolate products, which means that the fruit and tea flavors you taste in those products is simply those flavors — we’re not hiding anything!

As for our full-spectrum hemp products, yes, beneath our carefully proportioned blend of flavors, there’s hempy herbaceousness.

But it’s all about finding that perfect balance of hemp and each mixie’s flavors.

What’s our secret? Well, there are two: 1) Technology — our emulsification process greatly helps in controlling the herbaceousness of our hemp (in the case of CBD isolate, all hempiness is eliminated), and 2) Mixology. So we calibrate our organic adaptogens, antioxidants, and sweeteners in precision balance with fruit extracts to ensure our mixie sticks taste ah-mazing.

Cheers, dears!