my morning routine gamechanger: zolt rise, and yes, yoga

A little help managing the main hustle, the side hustle, and zoom-school #startuplife #familylife #weirdtimes with Yoga Wake Up’s Lizzie Brown


I’m going to level with you, because in these “different” times, it’s comforting to know we do not all have our sh*t together all of the time. Lately we’ve been slammed at work. Joaquin, Yoga Wake Up’s CTO and co-founder, has a full time job and works on our startup in the off hours, ie. weekends, early mornings or late nights. We also have a teenager who’s at home alone all day in the crazy new world that is zoom-school, so we try to work while he is sleeping, so that when he’s up, we can hang together. Me, I am doing the job of a few people but anyone that knows #startuplife knows what that’s like!


I wish there was more structure around it but sometimes you work with what you got!

This morning we were up at 4 and in the office by 4:30. Not weird at all! ;) Thankfully, after 5 years of building an app that specializes in making yoga part of your daily routine, we’re pretty much “morning people”. And since our wakeup time is pretty inconsistent based on what we have on our plates at work, it’s nice to have some rituals in place.

For us that means a daily Yoga Wake Up (obviously!) and making our bed, which provides a sense of accomplishment first thing.


(I seriously don’t miss it.)

Once at the office, I am really loving the newest addition to my morning routine, which is replacing my morning coffee with Zolt, Rise and Rise+ in particular. Adding Rise to my water each morning these last few weeks has been a gamechanger. It’s helped me kick my coffee addiction and given me a new beverage to look forward to upon starting my day!

What I love most about Rise is the flavor – Morning Lemon Tea, which tastes like drinking sunshine! It’s sweetened just right, especially since I can’t stand the taste of artificial sugar and am not a fan of soda. It reminds me more of tea than juice. I also prefer the peppy feeling of the guarana + green tea to coffee, which gives me jitters and can contribute to my anxiety. I thought I would miss the taste of coffee, but I am surprisingly…satisfied, welcoming in the new ritual!

What I love most about Rise is the flavor - Morning Lemon Tea, which tastes like drinking sunshine!

When I’m run-down, I drink Rise+ for a sparkly lift that fights inflammation and boosts immunity

Rise+, which is packed with fun adaptogens like reishi and astragalus is kind of like “Rise with superpowers”. I’m not personally a big fan of tangerine-flavored anything, but the sparkly effects of Rise+ totally outweigh that for me. I like to start my days with this one when I am on my cycle or just feeling generally rundown because it provides the extra boost in immunity, anti-inflammatory help, and I know adaptogens have the ability to ease menstrual symptoms.

I know that once I start sipping my glass of Zolt, dipping into my emails and prepping for my day ahead, it’s time to focus and take on the day. I am bringing my best me to my work, my family and the world! It’s a bright and motivating start to the day ahead, and since we’re all about owning mornings, it’s a new ritual I can get behind.

I am bringing my best me to my work, my family and the world!