Zolt + Brands x Better


DATE: MARCH 13, 2020

Zolt’s proud to be a part of a movement of brands dedicated to supporting our communities, and this movement has never been more important. By teaming up with like-minded brands through Brands x Better, we’re able to broaden our impact in the face of the complex crisis posed by COVID-19.

BRANDS x BETTER is a coalition of digitally native brands that strive to do the right thing day in and day out, joining forces to make a big impact.

While we at Zolt aren’t on the medical front lines, we and our Brands x Better partners are all on the economic and societal front lines, and we’re driven to help in the way we’re best able, to the greatest extent possible. For Zolt, this means keeping our operations running (supporting our employees and partners throughout the supply chain) and doing our part to support young American farmers at a higher level than ever before through the National Young Farmers Coalition.

Give back to those affected by COVID-19, support conscious consumer spending as well as our ecosystem of customers, suppliers, and employees and their families.

By purchasing from Zolt and other Brands x Better companies, it’s a one-two punch against this crisis. You are supporting organizations who are directly fighting COVID-19, and ensuring employees and suppliers of small, innovative brands continue working.

Supporting the front line of agriculture
Because food security is everyone’s security.

During the month of May, we donated 2% of gross sales to our partners at the National Young Farmers Coalition to help farmers get the access and resources they need during these challenging times. Supporting young farmers is a no-brainer for us. The future of agriculture and food security is in their hands.