What is CBD Powder and How is it Made?

You might know that CBD comes from the hemp plant. It might make sense that CBD can be turned into an oil. Plants have oils right? But what is CBD powder and how can it help you on your wellness journey? We’ve got the answers you’re looking for.


Given that CBD comes from a plant, it should be regulated by all companies as a food ingredient. Ideally, a verifiable source of hemp is used to make CBD to ensure quality, consistency and stability.

Hemp goes through a several-step process to remove plant particulates, waxes, lipids, along with terpenes, flavonoids, and other cannabinoids to make CBD oil. The oil is then taken through another step and washed at super-low temperatures (-30 C) to make CBD crystals that are 99.6% pure.

The powder is white and has no terpenes or flavonoids, yet it can still have herbaceous tendencies. The powder is not water-soluble, yet.

Zolt’s water-soluble CBD powders are made using novel encapsulation science and atomization techniques


Zolt’s water-soluble CBD powders are made using novel encapsulation techniques which allow the pure CBD crystal form to become a CBD powder. While Zolt’s CBD powder manufacturing is a trade secret, we can tell you that its a multi-step process:

  1. Source only organic hemp with quality, consistency and stability
  2. Emulsify CBD in a manner that preserves the cannabinoids
  3. Atomize our oil with within a high-tech tower system that then turns it into a powder
  4. Add organic adaptogens and natural sweeteners to our signature Zolt formulations.

Simple, right?


Because of our unique manufacturing process, Zolt CBD powders have no distinguishable smell or taste. Instead, what comes through are delicious fruit flavors that shine. Alternatively, we have our Even Unflavored mixie which can be combined with anything, from coffee to soup, to steak, to cake batter.


If you have never tried hemp CBD products before, a CBD isolate powder is a good place to start. You can get a sense of how CBD can support your wellness before branching out to a broad- or full-spectrum product that contains a wider range of cannabinoids and bioactives.


When choosing where to buy your CBD powder, look for third-party testing. Zolt uses third-party testing to ensure not only the dosage of CBD, but also the purity of the product. Because hemp is a bio-accumulator plant, impurities and even toxins can show up in CBD products. Third-party testing ensures both the purity and quality of any CBD product. You don’t have to take our word for it–trace any Zolt product batch using the code on the side of the package to see its Certificate of Analysis (CoA).

If you are all about supporting American-made products, our Zolt mixie sticks are manufactured in the USA using 100% US farm-grown hemp. If you are ready to try CBD powder, we recommend starting with a CBD isolate regimen and reach for Even Unflavored or Even Coconut. If you want to start your day with caffeine, try a Peak morning lemon tea mixie. It’s packed with CBD, antioxidants and adaptogens, as well as caffeine from green tea and guarana to add a natural boost to your morning beverage.  On the flip side, you can try CBD tea with melatonin as a part of your bedtime routine.